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9 Things a Man Must Believe in to Become Your Boyfriend

Test your current date and see how well you know the person. His answers will reveal more about him then you might have expected. If he answers ‘no’ to the following things, he is not good enough to be your boyfriend.

1. No other alternatives since you are his only option
When you enter a relationship, you want to be sure that you are not an option but a priority to your man. If your man does not agree with this opinion, then he is probably still in search of his perfect match. Are you willing to be around such a man? We doubt so. Leave him and let him keep looking for someone else.

2. Is he ready to start a new relationship before he gets over previous ones?
Do not become part of his previous relationship. He needs to get over his old partner before he starts building something new. Being with someone who is still meeting, calling or thinking about another person is just a waste of your precious time. You have the right to choose too.