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iPhone 14 – Only Apple Can Do THIS

We are back with the latest iPhone 14 scoop from final design to a longawaited iOS 16 feature, plus possible exact performance upgrade over the iPhone 13 series. There’s so much to talk about. Get ready as Apple prepares the iPhone 114 series to deliver possibly the best flagship battery of all time, especially on the Promax model. As we know, Apple is the undisputed King of the smartphone chip game and they have always been one of the first, if not the first to bring a new tech for their chip. But this time, for the first time ever, Apple’s latest chip won’t have the latest fabrication process and it will be behind Android chips.

Yes, according to the latest rumor, Apple is still sticking to a five nanometre process for the third year for all of its Apple A 16 chips, while the competition is using four nanometer process. As I said, only Apple can do this. Even with five nanometer process, they’re still miles ahead of Samsung Exodus and Qualcomm. Four nanometer isn’t a huge jump, so Apple is reportedly skipping it and doing minor enhancements to the CPU GPU along with the latest Lpdr Five Ram, which will make the memory performance about 30% more efficient and one and a half times faster than the iPhone XII series.